March 22, 2011

March 22nd, 2011

Hello out there.   As you can see it has been almost a year since anything new has been posted to this section.  Is anyone wondering what I have been up to? 

Well, for starters I have been trying my hand at embroidery.  Several baby quilts will be added to the website soon that include embroidery in the quilt blocks.  In addition to the embroidery, I have been working with fleece.  I made an embroidery fleece blanket for my daughter’s birthday.  For a craft fair I made and sold several fleece scarves with embroidery school mascots on them.  I am thinking about putting this item on the website.  What do you think? 

Also, I have done a wall hanging with various photos in it for my mother’s birthday which I loved.  If I can get the printing cost down, would this be something anyone would like to see offered on the website as a custom order? 

Well, I am almost out of words so before I go THANK YOU for visiting the website and I hope you visit again real soon.

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