Jan 1 2012

January 1st, 2012

Happy New Year Everyone! 

I hope everyone has a very blessed year in 2012.  On December 31, Aunt Louise and I presented Aunt Earlene and Aunt Shirley a queen size quilt bedspread to each of them.  I think we surprised both of them real good.   We had a little get together at Aunt Louise’s house and it was nice way to end 2011.  First thing on the agenda for me this year – is to make a new quilt for my bed.  After seeing my aunts quilts, I can’t wait to get a new one for me.  I have it all cut out and ready to sew together so I better get off here and get started.

Until next time, God bless.  Pam



  • I am digging the Pocket 2 quilt.. I have been going through the house collecting up my nametapes, rank, patches and flags and velcroing them on there. It is so cool. Thanks again for a wonderful quit.

  • Kathy (Carter) Higdon

    Pam i am Louises cousin. She put a picture of the Lab quilt along with your website on facebook. The quilt was so beautiful. I remember going to aunt Blanches as a kid..she almost always had a quilt going in the middle bedroom. When my mom was alive she made quilts for my 4 kids. I would love a custom quilt…now i know who to get in touch with. You and Louise keep up the good work.

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