About Me:

My name is Pam McGuire.  I have been married to David since 1991.  We have two wonderful kids, Amanda and Dustin.  Charles, my wonderful website designer, wants me to create this “about me” page.  I am having trouble with this because I don’t know what to write past those first three sentences but I will give it a try.

My mom and grandmothers loved quilting.  A few small quilts were all I did when I was younger.  My love of quilting didn’t happen until I was working at FNB.  One of the ladies there started a quilting group and if I remember correctly the group would meet one night each month.  The quilting group didn’t last long but I learned a lot from those few meetings we had.  Quilting has been a favorite past time of mine since then.

In August 2008, I was able to purchase my new quilting machine.  Finishing a king size quilt is so much easier than quilting it on my old Kenmore sewing machine.  Once I felt comfortable with my new machine, I started quilting for others.  I absolutely love this and I look forward to the day when I can retire from my “real” job to do this full time.  Again, thank you for visiting my website.

Take care and God bless.