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My machine quilting business is specifically designed to help those people who love to piece quilt tops, but don’t have the time or equipment necessary to do the actual quilting.  It is also for those of you who just don’t like the quilting part.  My loving mother is one that loves to make quilt tops but she doesn’t have the desire to quilt them.  This was my way to insure that I would end up with plenty of her quilts.

In my online store, I have an assortment of finished quilts for sale for those who need a “special” gift in a hurry.  These tops are made with love from our home to yours.  The quilt tops are made by different friends of mine but they are all quilted by me.  Please come back from time to time to see the latest and greatest creation. 

Be sure to visit the Quilting by Pam Blog while you’re here, and keep in touch!

Pam McGuire

NOTE – Items shown in the SHOP under the tabs “QUILTS SOLD” and “QUILTS QUILTED” are for references only.  They have already been sold or quilted for a client.  The option is there to add them to your cart but they CAN NOT and WILL NOT be shipped. 

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